Saçlarım Kabarıyor ve Elektrikleniyor Diyenler Buraya!

Those Who Say My Hair Is Swelling And Electrified Here!

Emrah Kemendi from Istanbul Trio Hairdresser Akasya Branch gave information about the problem of electrification and frizz in hair: “Swelling and electrified hair is the problem of all women. Before moving on to advice on maintaining the hairstyle and preventing frizz, let's take a look at the reasons: Wrong washing, synthetic, plastic combs and brushes, wrong shampoo selection, moisture balance of the hair, seasonal reasons, blowdrying every day, woolen clothes, hair products that are not suitable for the type of hair. to use.

How to Prevent Electrification and Frizz in Hair?

Take care to wash your hair with lukewarm water and if possible rinse with cold water. This will also make your hair look shiny and lively. Before drying your hair, remove the water with the help of a towel. Use the towel gently and without rubbing. Before drying, use professional products that prevent frizz and contribute to hair health. You can get support and information from your hairdresser in this regard.

Although ionic hair dryers reduce electrification, they are not a definitive solution and are not preferred by hairdressers. Washing hair too often will cause moisture loss. To prevent moisture loss, use hair oils to nourish their roots. Do not forget to regularly remove the broken hair. Use a wooden comb or brush as much as possible to avoid static electricity.

If you are going to use hair spray, make sure that the hair that has been heated with styling tools or a blow dryer is completely cooled, and be sure to read the instructions for use of the sprays. Pay attention to the characteristics of the shampoo you use. You can try anti-static shampoos. Since the most frizz is seen in dry hair types, try using a hair moisturizer that takes care to maintain the moisture balance of your hair. The cause of electrification in hair is static (stagnant) electricity.

Especially due to friction, negative energy is created and this negatively charged energy pushes another hair and makes the hair fluffy. If you braid your hair before going to bed, you will prevent them from rubbing against each other during the night and reduce the electrification. Winter is the season when hair swells and electrification are more common. Wearing woolen clothes is among the reasons that increase this problem.

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