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Which Type of Hair Straightener Should I Buy?

I wonder which type of hair straightener is the best?

Choosing a hair straightener is always confusing as it has so many variables. So which model is the best? Which one is suitable for my hair type? How many degrees should it be? Should I buy titanium or ceramic coated? The first variable we should pay attention to when buying a straightener is your hair type. The width of the straightening plates is directly related to your hair type.

  • 19 mm Hair Straighteners: Suitable for short cut hair and bangs.
  • 22mm Hair Straighteners: Suitable for thick, short hair.
  • 25mm Hair Straighteners: Suitable for all hair types with shoulder length and medium strands.
  • 28 mm Straighteners: Suitable for thick, stubborn curly hair longer than shoulder length.
  • 32mm. Ve + Wide Mouth Straighteners: Suitable for very long and very thick hair. You can make your first elimination from the table above.

The structure of the plates of the straightener you choose is an important variable. (Ceramic plate, titanium plate) This selection is important in terms of; Since it is the main part that touches our hair and performs the straightening process, you need to choose the plate correctly according to the width, material used and thermal conductivity properties.

Ceramic Straighteners

Since the ceramic plates distribute the heat more evenly, they prevent your hair from wearing to a large extent. However, make sure that the plates of the straightener you will buy are made entirely of ceramic. Quality ceramic provides shine to your hair while styling. In addition, peeling and deterioration may occur in ceramic coating products after a while depending on use.

tourmaline straighteners

Tourmaline is a type of crystalline mineral used to coat iron plates. Makes hair shiny, straighter. It even creates less static compared to other straighteners. It is a type of straightener, which is an alternative for thin and slightly wavy hair.

Titanium Straighteners

Titanium plates heat up faster compared to ceramics and heat up faster because of their higher conductivity. With proper use, it is less likely to damage the hair. When using this type of straightener, we should not keep it on your hair for too long. It is worth noting that it is more suitable for working women. It saves time as it heats up fast. The temperature range we will choose is directly related to our hair type. You can find the temperature ranges specified by the experts below to help you while using it. In addition, before starting the hair straightening process, a product recommended by your hairdresser should be used to protect the hair against this process.

130-140 C Sensitive and sensitive hair 140-160 C Fine hair 160-180 C Normal hair 180-200 C Thick curly hair 200-230 C Curly hair.

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