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Information on the Law on the Protection of Personal Data

Enter Digital Media Communications Advertisement and Marketing Ltd.Şti and its own website take the highest level of security measures possible within the framework of the relevant legislation in order to ensure that your personal data is collected, stored and shared in accordance with the law and to protect your privacy. Pursuant to Article 10 of the "Law on the Protection of Personal Data" numbered 6698 and in line with your satisfaction, to inform you in the most transparent way about the way your personal data is collected, the purposes of processing, the shared persons, legal reasons and your rights.

a) Data Controller
In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law No. 6698”), your personal data; As the data controller, it will be collected and processed by Enter Digital Media Communications Advertising and Marketing Ltd.Şti within the scope described below.

b) For What Purpose Personal Data Will Be Processed
Personal data in categories such as identity information, contact information, customer information, customer transaction information, transaction security information, legal transaction and compliance information and marketing and sales information from parties such as customers, employees, potential customers, potential employees, business partners and suppliers. Your collected personal data can be collected; - To present our company's products and services to you, to organize records and documents, to keep information, reporting, informing, tax and other obligations stipulated by local and international legislation, - Sales and promotion to increase the quality of services and products. To provide you with special advertisements, campaigns, advantages and other benefits for marketing and marketing activities, - To communicate with you for information processing requirements, the necessity of support services, to convey the necessary information about these services and products, - Traffic measurement for sales and marketing activities, To carry out statistical analysis, segmentation / profiling and CRM studies, - Measuring customer satisfaction, complaint management, receiving your opinions and suggestions about new services and products, informing you about products and services, your complaints and requests, - Your online sales subscription, your orders , to process your payment transactions, to provide logistics cooperation with 3rd parties and to send products, to recommend products and services, to online behavioral advertising and marketing, to measure service quality, communication, optimization, audit, promotion, determination of interests, scoring, profiling, communication ,- Comparative product and/or service offer, to be used in products and services to be offered to you within the scope of the law and relevant legislation governing the sales work written in the Articles of Association, subject to your disclosure of your personal data to our Company, To comply with reporting and information obligations, to fulfill our legal obligations regarding the use of these services, - In order to determine and implement our company's commercial and business strategies; financial operations, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, purchasing operations (demand, offer, evaluation, order, budgeting), internal system and application management operations, managing legal operations, - Examining and evaluating requests from official authorities or you and reply, your information will be processed within the scope of Personal Data Processing Conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698.

c) To whom and for what purpose the Processed Personal Data can be transferred
Your collected personal data; limited to the realization of the above-mentioned purposes; – Business partners, shareholders, affiliates of Enter Digital Media Communications Advertisement and Marketing Ltd. and legal authorities, - Real or legal persons from whom we receive services and cooperate with regard to product/service issues, program partner institutions and organizations, institutions with which we have an agreement to send the messages we send to our customers, and cargo companies that deliver the orders placed on our online store to you. and within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 9 and 9.

ç) Method and Legal Reason for Personal Data Collection
Your personal data, especially through channels such as our website and mobile application, call centers, social media accounts, verbally, in writing or electronically or other channels that will/may be established in the future; It is mandatory for our company to perform the above-mentioned purposes within the framework of the legal legislation, to fulfill the contract, to be expressly stipulated in the law, to have your personal data made public by you, to establish, use or protect the right to be granted to you; It is collected in a way that will not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms, and limited to the existence of legal reasons such that it is compulsory for our Company to fulfill its legitimate interests and legal obligations.

d) Rights of Personal Data Owner Enumerated in Article 11 of Law No. 6698

By applying to our Company pursuant to article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law (“KVKK”);
To learn whether your personal data is processed, to request information if your Personal Data has been processed, to learn the purpose of processing your Personal Data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, to know the third parties to whom your Personal Data is transferred, in the country or abroad, to request correction of your Personal Data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed Requesting the deletion or destruction of your Personal Data in case of disappearance of the reasons requiring the processing of your Personal Data to be evaluated within the principles of purpose, duration and legitimacy, Requesting that your Personal Data be corrected, deleted or destroyed, notifying the third parties to whom the Personal Data has been transferred, Requesting your processed Personal Data exclusively through automated systems You have the right to object to this result in the event that a result arises against you in case of analysis, to demand the compensation of the damage in case your personal data is processed unlawfully and you suffer damage due to this reason.

If you fill out the form here for and submit your requests regarding your rights through the methods specified in the form, it will be concluded as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. Enter Digital Media Communications Advertising and Marketing Ltd.Şti reserves the right to charge a fee based on the fee schedule (if any) determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.


Our company, Enter Digital Media Communications Advertisement and Marketing Ltd.Şti' ("" and/or the "Company"), has the title of "data controller" within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("Law") in terms of personal data regarding customers. With this Consent Text, it is aimed to obtain the explicit consent of the customers regarding the personal data processing activities carried out by in accordance with the aforementioned Law.

In the following cases where the personal data processing conditions in Articles 5/2 and 6/3 of the Law cannot be met, the explicit consent of the customers is required for the processing of personal data by Regarding the processes that do not require explicit consent, data processing activities are carried out within the scope of the Clarification Text, and in the processes that require explicit consent, data is processed in accordance with the basic principles specified in the Clarification Text.

In this context, the personal data of the customers are processed for the purposes specified in the Clarification Text and in accordance with the procedure herein. Accordingly, personal data; creating campaigns for customers, offering special opportunities to customers on by business partners, cross-selling, determining a target audience, executing activities to increase user experience by tracking customer movements, internet owned by Developing the operation of the website and mobile application and personalizing it according to customer needs, conducting direct and indirect marketing, personalized marketing and remarketing activities, conducting personalized segmentation, targeting, analysis and internal reporting activities, planning and executing market research, customer satisfaction activities In general terms, including the purposes of recommending and promoting the products and services offered by according to the tastes, usage habits and needs of the relevant people, and planning and executing the customer relationship management processes, the products and / or services of the Planning and execution of sales and marketing processes, creating and/or increasing loyalty to the products and/or services offered by, may be processed in line with the approval of the Customer within the scope of planning and execution, and may be shared with the parties specified in the Clarification Text for these purposes.