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We are responsible to our environment

We are feeling the effects of climate change faster and more severely than we think. Temperature records, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity are moving towards a point of no return. While witnessing natural disasters more frequently, their devastating effects are more than in the past.

Institutions, brands and individuals

Institutions, brands and individuals have more responsibility to protect this beautiful planet and make it more livable for future generations. Reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible has an important place among what we can do.

Less consumption, more accurate consumption, and selection of recyclable products are important in this respect.

As the Ventoso family, we act with this awareness both in the products we offer to you and in our individual living habits, and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

In particular, we prefer to work with suppliers who comply with regulations and can provide quality certificates in the selection of the raw materials we use in our products, and we pay special attention to using the products of suppliers who can offer certificates as raw materials.

'Reduce, reuse, recycle' are 3 important phrases for us.

We take our responsibility with the products we produce in accordance with the WEEE Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and we are involved in the processes. Our collaborations on recycling, our campaigns for consumers, and our projects for recycling electronic waste are the main steps of these steps.

You can also contribute to these efforts and send your unused electrical or electronic products to us so that we can recycle them, and you can support the green planet.

Our Environmental Identity Number: 1538588096

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