Uzmanından Vigo (Difüzör) Nasıl Kullanılır?

How to Use Vigo (Diffuser) from the Expert?

Wash your hair and first dry your hair with a towel with gentle movements to keep the moisture. It will be more effective if you use a foam that will define the curls of your hair. Some recommend the 'comb and shake' method to bring out the natural curves before using the vigo. Divide your hair into five sections, one at the front and two at the sides. Apply the no-rinse conditioner and other hair care products recommended by your hairdresser to all areas. When you finish an area, shake that strand of hair by holding it by the end so that the natural waves can take shape.

Start drying your hair with Vigo . Attach the Vigo to the end of your hair dryer/blow dryer. Always start at low or medium heat. Tilt your head to one side as you begin. Take the vigo and place it towards the roots of the hair. Keep it there until the roots are dry. Make circular motions while drying your hair close to your head. You can use the teeth of the vigon to gently massage your hair, which adds volume and brings out your natural curves.

Proceed to the ends of the hair. Keep massaging your hair with Vigo; Make circular motions until the hair is dry to the ends. Use the vigo to press the waves as they descend to the ends. This adds volume to your hair while maintaining the natural shape of your hair.

Keep in mind: If your hair is curly, you should use the diffuser differently. Many curly-haired women find that it is more beneficial to leave their hair after drying the roots. If you think the diffuser is electrifying your naturally curly hair, let the ends of your hair air-dry. Try if this is a better method. Do not use your hands while drying your hair with a diffuser. Touching it electrifies your hair and causes you to lose its natural curls. It may seem like it will take a long time to dry hair with just the diffuser, but not touching the hair with your hands will lead to better results.

Use hair products after the procedure. After your hair is dry, you may want to consider using post-processing products. Heat can damage hair. Hairspray, conditioner or other products will help you. Gently apply hairspray after your hair is dry. This helps your hair maintain its shape all day. If your hair looks rough or pale after drying, there are many products you can use to overcome it. You can consider conditioners or shine serums and you can get them from expert hairdressers. Take some of the cream or serum in your hand and apply it to your hair. Pull your hands behind the hair as if you are making a ponytail and continue until you reach the ends of the hair.

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