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What is the Cause of the Smell Coming from Hair Dryers?

The smells that worry us all when using hair dryers for the first time are actually not as scary as we think. The smell that comes when we first open the hair dryers that we bought with excitement extinguishes our excitement and leaves its place to the questions whether they sold a broken or used product or if it gets worse the more you use it.

Don't feel bad right away.

In fact, there is no situation that will cause you to stress so much and make you think of bad things. This situation is quite normal and it is a problem that will pass soon after you start using it.

So what is the reason for this odor that bothers us?

The reason for the smell that comes from the first time the blow dryers work is the protective chemicals contained in the materials and electronic products used in the production of the blow dryers. If we need to go into more detail, the reason for the smell is the resistance wire and mica used in the production phase of blow dryers. Resistance wire is the name given to the resistance wires used in the process that converts the energy taken from electricity to heat energy. Due to the protective chemicals it contains, the resistance wire and mica emit an irritating odor when the hair dryer first starts. But the smell of these chemicals is temporary. As you continue to use blow dryers, this smell will decrease and disappear within a period of 1 week and 10 days. If the odor still persists for periods exceeding 10 days a week, we recommend that you have your machine checked.

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