Elektrikli Cihazlar Kullanırken Talimatları Mutlaka Okuyun!

Be sure to read the instructions when using electrical appliances!

Before Using the Device Please Read All Instructions:

To protect against injury and shock when using electrical appliances, the following information should be observed.

Do not touch the electrical device that has fallen into the water. Disconnect from power source immediately. Do not immerse in water, do not contact with water or other liquids. Keep the device away from bathtubs, showers, high humidity areas, and containers filled with water, whether it is on or off. Proximity to water can be dangerous. Even if the device is turned off, unplug it from the power source after use. Never use without the rear filter. Clean the rear filter frequently, do not close it.

Before servicing the product, be sure to unplug it.

Be sure to deliver it to the authorized service for repair. Use only a slightly damp cloth to clean the product. Do not use spray materials or alcohol. Before cleaning or maintaining the product to the extent permitted, disconnect the power supply. In the event that the device / product does not work, immediately call the Happy Customer Line. The manufacturer is exempt from any damage that may occur during maintenance or repair by the user and is not covered by the warranty. Keep away from children.

This device is not suitable for persons (including children) with physical, sensory or mental disabilities. Children should be supervised to prevent them from playing with the appliance. Never touch the device with wet hands or feet. Never use barefoot. Use accessories recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use the device if it has been dropped on the floor or if the power cord is damaged. If there is a fault, turn off the device. Repair must be carried out at an authorized Service Center using original parts.

If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced immediately at an authorized Service Centre. Do not pull on the power cord or device when unplugging the power supply. Do not hold the device by the power cord. Keep the power cord away from hot surfaces. Make sure the power cord is not bent when lifting the device.

Do not use the device for a long time at high temperature. Never allow objects to fall into the openings of the device. Never use the device while using aerosol (spray) and similar products. The device security has been tested. It meets the requirements of the EU Directive 2004/108/EC regarding electromagnetic compatibility and the EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Your device is equipped to protect it from overheating.

When the device overheats, it stops and only the cold air system works. After the device cools down, the hot air output will automatically turn on again. As an added safety measure, it has been tested with a rated residual operating current (RCD) of 30mA.

Do not use your device when you see the following conditions:

  • If the connecting cable of your device is damaged
  • If there is visible damage to your device
  • if the device has been dropped

Our company is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of improper use and non-compliance with the instructions.

The packaging material, device and accessories are made from recyclable materials. Proper separation and disposal of waste materials aids in recycling. For this purpose, you can get support by calling our Happy Customer Line and send the waste materials to us for recycling.

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