Ventoso Exclusive İyonik Profesyonel Fön Makineleri: Ultra güçlü ve ekstra sessiz

Ventoso Exclusive Ionic Professional Blow Dryers: Ultra powerful and extra quiet

Ultra powerful and extra silent Ventoso Exclusive Ionic Professional Blow Dryers provide 20 million/cm3 negative ion formation when applied from a distance of 10cm, which is available with a TÜV certified ion generator in addition to its 2500W power and 63dB silence.

Ionic hair dryers rebalance this electrical charge by spreading negative ions sent to the hair, thanks to a special control button developed for use when desired. Thus, the electric charge in the hair, hence the frizz and electrification, is lost and the hair is combed much easier.

Negative ions that help lock in moisture and straighten the cuticle, making hair smooth and shiny; It neutralizes the positive ions in the hair, helps to reduce the surface tension of the hair. It reduces the sound level to 63 dB by trapping some of the sound produced by the engine with its special funnel design created in the rear section with Italian design and technology. It also serves as a 'Hairdresser Friendly Product' for professionals who have to use a blow dryer for long hours.

Advantages of ionic hair dryer

  • Hair looks smoother after use.
  • It won't damage your hair as much as a regular hair dryer.
  • Reduces drying time by up to half.
  • Since the ion technology traps the moisture in the hair, the hair becomes softer and easier to comb.
  • Ionic hair dryers are actually lighter than normal. This technology has also proven to be more durable. Although it is more expensive than a standard hair dryer, it is a more profitable purchase because it is more durable.
  • Ionic hair dryers, which retain more of your hair's natural moisture, also create great results for curly hair as they minimize frizz.
  • Since the ionization function accelerates the drying time of the hair, it ensures that the hair is less exposed to heat.

Whether you use Ventoso Exclusive Ionic Blow Dryers at home or at the hair salon, investing in a professional ionic hair dryer will benefit your hair immensely, with some notable exceptions.


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