Titanyum ve Seramik Maşa ve Düzleştiriciler Arasında Ne Fark Var?

What's the Difference Between Titanium and Ceramic Tongs and Straighteners?

Do you know what you should pay attention to when buying tongs and straighteners, which are the tools we use most to shape our hair? Knowing which one will work best according to your hair type without damaging your hair will help you get more efficiency from the tool you use.

These tools are of two types, ceramic and titanium. A ceramic plate heats the hair from the inside out, while a titanium flat iron heats the hair from the surface.

Titanium tongs reach higher temperatures and heat up faster than ceramic tongs. Titanium is a more durable material that provides more comfortable use as it will not break very easily even if you drop it. It is also more heat resistant, so the plates can be kept longer over time than ceramic ones.

The ceramic coated straighteners of the Ventoso brand provide the best results with the least damage to your hair. Thanks to its mouth structure designed longer than other straighteners, it allows you to straighten your hair faster. Thanks to its ceramic structure, it prevents the electrification of the hair.

Pros of Ceramic Tongs

  • Ceramic curlers can produce negative ions that enhance shine and reduce frizz.
  • Gives long lasting results

Meet the more elegant and special ceramic-coated curling irons with pearl brown and champagne pink colors in Ventoso's new Premium product line. Its ceramic coating distributes the heat evenly, preventing your hair from burning. It prevents electrification in your hair and glides smoothly, allowing you to achieve soft and shiny results.

Pros of Titanium Tools
  • It is very light.
  • It heats up quickly and reaches higher temperatures, making your hair shinier.
  • It provides a faster and more efficient curling.
  • Durable
  • It creates long lasting results.

You can have healthy curls as you wish with Ventoso Titanium coated curling irons with different diameters such as 25mm, 32mm and 38mm. Suitable for all hair types, from fine hair to thick hair.

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