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What Should I Consider When Choosing a Curling Iron?

Which Thickness Curling Iron Is More Appropriate for Hair Production?

When it comes to curling irons, besides your hair structure, how you want to shape the wave of your hair is important. While the size of the curl can be your personal preference, the choice should be determined by the texture of your hair as some curls are only possible on certain hair types. Before buying, you need to know what thickness of tongs will hold your hair better.

Decide on the curling style

The thickness of the tongs ranges from 9mm to 50mm, and each of these thicknesses produces a different type of curl. However, the most ideal diameters are 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. Diameter thickness narrower curlers for tight curls; If you want loose curls, choose curlers with a larger diameter. If you have thin, straight hair, you can shape it better with narrow tongs (19mm) in diameter. Large diameter tongs (32mm), which create loose curls, do not provide long lasting curls for this hair type. Thick hair that holds shape easily will hold larger volumes of loose curls better.

For round, tight curls, opt for fine-tipped tongs

The 9mm, 12mm and 15mm tongs are perfect for producing tight curls. These fine-tipped curlers provide better styling on shoulder-length and shorter hair. It is recommended for straightening damaged curls on naturally curly hair (no matter long or short). Straight-haired people can achieve a naturally curly appearance with these thin curling irons. Permed appearance can also be achieved with this style of thin-tipped tongs.

If you want vintage breeze in hair

Use 19mm thick tongs This type of thick tongs produces slightly looser curls, which works great for vintage styling or buns or bulk hair. You can also achieve spiral curls with this tong. Brush these curls lightly for softer waves. This tong is applied effectively with short or medium hair.

If you are going to use it for the first time, start with 25mm.

If you are going to use a curling iron for the first time, you should choose a medium length and thickness 25mm curling iron suitable for all hair types. This width can create naturally tight curls and the curls can look natural when brushed.

If you have medium-long hair, choose a 25mm tong

This is considered the most popular tong size for women with longer hair. This size creates a standard curl. These curlers give curls or defined natural, soft waves. Can also be used to add volume and create softer, looser curls on short hair.

Get a beachy wave with 32mm tongs

As the length of the tongs increases, the curls become looser. 25-32mm tongs create loose, voluminous curls. The type of tongs best suited for those messy beach curls or the “Victoria Secret” wave. These length curlers work better for long hair. Some medium hair can also use it, but the tongs are too big for short hair.

If you want a slightly messy look, use 38mm tongs

This large tong only works on long hair. The 50mm tongs are not really designed for curling, but to give the ends of your hair a rounded texture. It is suitable for those who have straight hair and want to move their hair but do not prefer intense waves.

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