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Tips for Using a Hair Dryer / Blow Dryer

When the hair is wet, the molecular structure of the hair fiber instantly changes. This is because when water is applied to the hair, it is absorbed through the tough outer cuticle layer into the cortex and then swells. This means that the hair is instantly weakened.

Sometimes letting hair dry naturally can be more harmful than intense heat. The longer the hair stays wet, the worse things get as it continues to swell. This is because repetitive swelling and slow drying of the hair causes what is called the cell membrane complex (the glue that holds the cuticle together) to crack and permanently damage the hair. Instead of drying naturally, it may be better to dry your hair quickly with heat.

How Can You Best Use Your Hair Dryer?

After towel-drying and combing, blow-dry your hair until it feels warm. Use on low heat and speed setting first. This is so that the hair does not overheat, because when wet, the hair is much more vulnerable to heat.

Ideally, you should hold the hair dryer 15 cm away from your head and dry it with continuous movements. Never hold your dryer steady. We recommend keeping the dryer/blow dryer as far back as you can comfortably reach, at a low air speed setting and moving it slowly and continuously.

As soon as the hair starts to heat up it will be about 90 percent dry, at which point you can turn up the heat. It is very important that you do not forget to blow cool air through the hair at the end. This makes a big difference in the hair, it helps to restructure the inner bonds of the hair and keep the hairstyle stable.

You Don't Have to Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Drying the hair upside down gives volume, but is not absolutely necessary. The volume is actually created by the strands of hair sticking out of your head at a high angle. So the best thing you can do to lift strands is to move the dryer nozzle as close to the scalp as possible. Diffusers (vigos) are very ideal for curly hair as they dry the hair slowly and draw moisture out by providing volume. Air circulates around the curls, defining them and minimizing frizz and frizz.

Narrow nozzle for shine in hair

To create a shiny look, you must make sure that all the hair strands are facing the same direction. To do this, divide your hair into sections and dry one area at a time, holding the hair dryer as low as possible. This process makes your hair shine. Make sure the nozzle of the dryer/blow dryer is narrow as it makes a huge difference in the final results. If the mouthpiece is large and fully open, you won't get any noticeable airflow.

Never Pull or Straighten Wet Hair

Only use the straightener or curling iron on completely dry hair. Applying the heat of the curling iron to wet hair is a disaster. As it heats water and converts it from liquid to gas, it expands. Water trapped in the cortex explodes, causing damage. Apply hairspray after drying your hair and before using straighteners. When choosing a dryer/blow dryer, straightener and curlers product of a high quality brand like Ventoso. invest.

The Relationship of Air with the Perfect Blow Dry

It may sound crazy, but the weather can really affect the quality of your blow dry. When the weather is humid, the hair you style deteriorates faster and loses its volume. To reduce the effect of humidity heat protectant spray or  anti-frizz spray use it. The ideal weather for getting the perfect blow-dry is a very dry, cold, zero degree sunny day. This is the main reason why your hair looks best in winter, not summer.

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