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Which Blow Dryer Should I Buy?

Hair dryers are professional devices used by hairdressers. For this reason, it will guide you which products the hairdressers use. There are blow dryers in the market in different quality and price structures. Far East origin hair dryers; You can find a wide range of blow dryers, mainly from China, with different motors and domestic production. We would also like to underline that all hair dryers and blow dryers offered for sale in our country should legally have a 2-year guarantee. For this reason, do not forget that there is a 2-year warranty even for the problems you will encounter with low quality blow dryers, especially Far East origin.

The most important issue for consumers who are unsure of what to buy in the face of hair dryer prices starting from 95 TL is the product quality, the choice of hairdressers and having an accessible price, as well as the professional AC motor of Italian origin.

It is often overlooked whether hair dryers have professional AC motors, as well as whether their plastic parts made from petroleum comply with international standards. We recommend that you research the damages caused by plastics produced with plastic raw materials.

Ventoso, which bears the CE mark, supplies raw materials from registered and certified manufacturers, has an industrial record and provides support with quality customer service, stands out as a brand that makes a difference in this sense.

What is the difference between blow dryer models?

The power of the blow dryer is one of the most important distinguishing features. Ventoso blow dryers include different models with 2000 Watt, 2300 Watt and 2500 Watt power. Another feature is the cable length. The ideal cable length for hairdressers is 3 meters, as in Ventoso blow dryers. The point to note here is the end-to-end length of the cable, which some brands include the length of the blow dryer. Don't be fooled about this.

Will a powerful hairdresser-style professional blow dryer damage the hair?

Hair dryers have speed and temperature settings. In fact, using these settings you can control the strength and prevent damage to the hair, whether thin or thick. Although you can control the temperature and speed for very fine hair, the Ventoso V5 Silex5000 model with its 2500 Watt power and the travel size V1 Turbo3500 model with its 2000 Watt power are the products offered for those who are sensitive about this issue.

Attention! Model and power falsification in blow dryers

In the visible parts of the blow dryers, there are usually high numbers of model names, and these model names are confused with the power of the devices. The actual power of a blow dryer should be legally written on the blow dryer, usually on the handle or under the rear stem. The power information contained herein is variable according to voltage. For example, it is written on the handle of the Ventoso V5 Silex5000 model, under the rear body of the Ventoso V3 MegaTurbo5500 Verde model, that it operates at 2100-2500 Watts in the 220-240 Volt range, and in the V8 Turbo5000 model it has 1900-2300 Watts in the 220-240 Volt range.

However, for marketing purposes, some brands can highlight the model name with especially high numbers.

Which Ventoso Blow Dryer model would you recommend?

Although our newest model among Ventoso blow dryers is similar to our V3 model in terms of ergonomics, power, speed, temperature, cable length and grip, our V5 Silex5000 model is quieter with 63dB sound level in addition to these features and is the model we recommend.

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