Difüzör veya Diğer Adıyla Vigo Nedir?

What is a diffuser or Vigo?

diffuser; It is one of the nozzles used at the ends of blow dryers and it slows down the air flow and allows the curls to be dried without breaking them open. Diffusers are attached to the end of the hair dryer, allowing you to dry your hair without direct exposure to heat and without damaging it.

Indispensable for Curly Hair

You can use the diffuser, which is indispensable for curly hair, not only for curls, but also to add volume to wavy hair and to accentuate its natural wave. For each hair dryer / blow dryer, there are special diffusers for that machine, as well as diffusers called universal diffusers, different brands / models of machines can be used.

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