Fön Makinesi Mi Saç Kurutma Makinesi Mi?

Blow Dryer or Hairdryer?

It sounds like it has the same meaning. However, there is a difference! While hair dryers used at home daily dry the hair by only blowing hot air, blow dryers have a body designed for styling while drying the hair. Hair dryers have a wide mouth and a low engine speed.

According to fluid mechanics, the amount of air is equal to the product of the air velocity and the vertical section through which the air flows. Since the air outlet is narrow in blow dryers, the speed of the air increases. The fast air takes out the very hot air formed in the strong resistance inside. This makes styling the hair easier.

Both the rotation speed of the motor used and the heater difference, such as the resistance required to provide higher heat, differentiate blow dryers from hair dryers. The bodies of blow dryers, which are separated from hair dryers with their power and heat, are produced in accordance with this power and temperature.

Important points to note about blow dryers used by professional hairdressers for fast and effective results:

  • The desired blow-dry results can be achieved with blow dryers of 2000 Watt and above. The numbers written on the blow dryers are usually the model name or the serial name, and the highest power blow dryer is 2500 Watt.
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that the most expensive is the best, the cheapest is the most useful. Stay away from the products of countries that produce in production environments that disregard human value and labor.
  • Cable length is important. Professional machines have a total length of 3 meters with the product.
  • Choose products according to hair texture. While 2000 Watt or 2300 Watt is sufficient for fine and short hair, you should prefer 2500 Watt for bushy, thick and tough hair.
  • Professional machines have 2 nozzles, one short and the other wide.
  • The quality of the blow dryer you will buy is important in order not to encounter undesirable results.
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