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15 Mistakes Made While Using a Blow Dryer

No matter how easy it may seem to use a blow dryer, the little mistakes we make can cause more damage to the hair. When the heat setting, air flow direction, the caps we use and the styling products we use for our hair are not correct, it can cause our hair to wear out. By correcting these small mistakes, you can have healthier hair. Here are 15 points to consider.

High Heat Hair Drying Only

All professional hair dryers / blow dryers have a cold air button. This cold air key slows the evaporation of moisture from the hair, making the hairstyle more permanent after drying and styling. At the same time, you can prevent your hair from getting electrified by giving cold air for 20-25 seconds after your hair styling process is finished.


Drying in the Wrong Air Direction

The drying direction is just as important as the temperature at which you dry the hair. By drying your hair from root to tip, you can prevent breakage of the ends and give your hair a brighter appearance. Otherwise, the hair cuticle will deteriorate, causing tangling and shedding of the hair.


Blow Dryer Wrong Handed

Most people use the blow dryer with the hand they use in their daily life, and the comb with the other hand. But this is not true, because the main function of styling is the comb. For this reason, the comb should be held with the dominant hand while styling the hair with the help of a comb. It helps you control this process better and style your hair faster.

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Shaping Hair by Pulling Down

Shaping the hair by pulling it down causes the hair to break and fall out. Instead, hold the ends of your hair with a comb and direct the flow of hot air to the strands. This will help you have a voluminous, lively and smooth hairstyle.


Keeping the Blow Dry Too Close to the Hair

One of the most damaging situations when drying hair is to dry the hair by holding the blow dryer too close to the hair. Drying closely this way will cause your hair and scalp to burn. By making your hair more fragile, it increases hair loss. It is recommended to dry your hair by leaving a minimum of 30 cm between the blow dryer and your head.


Styling Hair Without Sectioning

While drying the hair, we try to dry all of our hair at the same time, or when styling the hair, we only divide it into 2 parts. However, instead of this, we can divide the hair into 4-5 regions and fix each region with clips to make the hair styling process faster and more effective.


Keeping Hair Wrapped with a Towel for a Long Time After Shower

After the shower, you should not keep the hair towel wrapped around the hair for more than 30 minutes, especially if it is made of cotton. The texture of the fabric creates a friction effect, making the hair more vulnerable for the subsequent drying with the blow dryer. Instead, you can use soft towels made of microfiber. It will be healthier for your hair not to keep your hair wrapped with a towel for more than 10 minutes. Another important detail is that before using a blow dryer, thick and dense hair should be approximately half dry, and fine or medium hair should be approximately 80% dry.


Not Using Heat Protecting Products

For those who use a blow dryer at least 3 times a week or more often, it will be beneficial to use a care product with high heat protection beforehand. You can protect your hair from high heat by making such products your routine after washing. By trying to choose the right care product for your hair, you can nourish the hair more. If you have dry hair, you should use oil-containing products. If you have oily or normal hair, you can choose water-based products.

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Not Using the Blow Dryer

The nozzles (nozzles) that come with your blow dryer help direct the airflow to a specific section of hair. This way, your hair is less tangled and your ends are less tangled. You can add extra volume to your hair by directing the nozzle towards the roots.


Going Out Immediately After Drying Hair

Going outside right after drying your hair can both negatively affect the volume of your hair and damage your scalp due to the drastic change in temperature. Therefore, when you dry your hair, you should not leave the house for a while and wait.

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Drying Wet Hair with a Diffuser

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Since the diffuser is designed for curly hair, it has a more intense blowing speed. Drying wet hair with a diffuser will cause hair breakage and damage to the hair due to high heat. You can protect your hair by starting to dry your hair first with a blow dryer and then switching to the diffuser.


Not Paying Attention to Headlines

Each blow dryer head is used for different styling on the hair. The wide nozzle blow dryer head is used to dry the hair more easily and quickly as it directs the air to a wider area, while the narrow nozzle is used for blow drying and styling the hair as it directs the air to a narrow area. The ceramic comb head provides ease of use to straighten hair while drying.


Not Cleaning the Blow Dryer Filter

Have you ever cleaned your blow dryer before? You can remove the rear filter cover of the professional blow dryers and clean the dirt and dust inside with a napkin. The dust accumulated here can damage both the machine and your hair. Dust and dirt accumulated in the channel where the air flow is located slows down the air flow. This negatively affects the use of your blow dryer. If you use your blow dryer 3-4 times a week, you can clean it once a month, if you use it more often, once every 2 weeks.


Drying Hair at Maximum Temperature

One of the most common mistakes is drying the hair at the highest temperature of your blow dryer. Drying at maximum temperature causes the hair to dry out more, become more brittle and fray. The maximum temperature speeds up the drying process but will greatly damage your hair. Therefore, you should only set this temperature in exceptional cases. For example, if you have curls that are difficult to fix or if you decide to do a complex styling. In all other cases you should choose a medium heat setting.


Keeping the Blow Dryer in One Line

Although not very common, some people dry their hair by holding the hair dryer in one position. This can negatively affect the heat distribution and cause more damage to your hair. It is necessary to use the blow dryer by constantly moving it and changing the angles. In this way, the hair is dried faster and easier.


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