Çevreyle, Doğayla Dost Olmak!

Being Friendly with the Environment and Nature!

We are aware that any damage to the environment threatens the future of our children. As a company that loves children and its employees, we are sensitive to the environment.

We care about recycling

We make an effort to ensure that the materials we use do not harm the nature, the environment and our hairdresser friends, and we support those who show it financially and morally. We are sensitive about waste management and environmentally friendly waste in production facilities! We supply our packaging from suppliers who are experts in their fields, and we pay attention to recycling.

Zero magnetic pollution during production

Our primary principle is that all semi-finished products we supply are environmentally friendly and comply with international standards. It is important that our environment is not only free from directly damaging factors, but also from all elements that can create magnetic pollution. We are proud to present products suitable for this point of view to elite hairdressing salons.

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