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Ventoso V5 Exclusive Ionic Professional Blow Dryer Nero + Ventoso Labyrinth Brush Maze Comb

Ventoso V5 Exclusive Ionic Professional Blow Dryer Nero + Ventoso Labyrinth Brush Maze Comb

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Ventoso Exclusive IONIC Professional Blow Dryers, which are available with 2500W power and 63dB silence, as well as a TÜV certified ion generator, provide 20 million/cm3 negative ion formation when applied at a distance of 10 cm. The transfer of negative ions to the hair helps to keep the cuticle closed, keeps your hair moist, prevents frizz and makes it easier to comb the hair.

Negative ions that help lock in moisture and straighten the cuticle, making hair smooth and shiny; It neutralizes the positive ions in the hair, helps to reduce the surface tension of the hair. It reduces the sound level to 63 dB by trapping some of the sound produced by the engine with its special funnel design created in the rear section with Italian design and technology, and serves as a 'hairdresser-friendly product' for professionals who have to use a blow dryer for long hours.

Our plastic body parts, which do not contain toxic substances such as lead, cadmium and phthalate, are documented with test reports. LVD tests of our products have been carried out: LVD tests must be carried out so that electrical devices do not adversely affect human and living health. The main tests and inspections included in the LVD test are leakage current test, earth continuity test, high voltage test, insulation resistance test, mechanical tests, temperature rise test, flammability tests, IP tests, inspections and documentation control. The LVD test should be performed in order to control the possible harms of 50-1000 V AC and 75-1500 V DC electrical devices to the living health.


  • Ventoso V5 Exclusive IONIC Professional Blow Dryer 2500 Watt
  • 2 wide (9mm) and narrow (6mm) hair dryer heads with high temperature resistant nails, providing different styling possibilities
  • Ventoso Labyrinth Brush Labyrinth Comb Aqua Green
  • Warranty Certificate and Product Catalogue

Product features

  • 2500 Watt power

  • Electrification reducing effect with negative ion generator

  • Quieter with 63 dB level

  • Lightweight: 550 grams

  • Italian design - Ergonomic grip

  • Turbo power with high speed professional AC Motor

  • 3 m flexi 2x1.5 hanging cable

  • Free maintenance service in addition to 5-year warranty

  • Less heat transfer to the body with double-layer insulation

  • 4 temperature and 2 speed settings

  • Special anti-slip tab

  • Instant cool button

  • Top quality Nickel-Chrome resistor

  • Possibility to operate at 220-240 V and 50/60 Hz voltage

  • 3x more effective styling and faster drying than standard devices**

  • Removable and cleanable filter

  • Grille for correct airflow

  • Providing safety 130 ˚C max. thermostat

  • 81 m3/h air flow

  • 27.26 pascal pressure

  • Asbestos resistance sheath providing extra protection

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