Saç Düzleştiricilerinde Negatif İyon Etkisi Ne İşe Yarar?

What Does the Negative Ion Effect Do in Hair Straighteners?

Today, we hear, read and research that ion technology is used in many hair care products. By definition, an ion is an electrically charged particle formed from an atom (or group of atoms) that has gained or lost one or more electrons.

In general, ions are atoms that carry a positive and negative electrical charge. Bi-polar ionization neutralizes static and reduces static electricity. Ion care is useful for hair. The active ions of the product you choose must have a negative electrical charge, which actively coats the hair strands to help prevent static electricity, reintroduce moisture and restore shine.

The result is increased shine, restored smoothness and easier hair styling. The negative ion feature in hair care devices with this technology prevents the hair from getting electrified, makes it shiny and intensifies. In the light of this information, the biggest factor in eliminating electrification and unwarranted hair growth, which is the part that bothers us the most while shaping our hair; negative ion effect.

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