Yeni Flexy Universal Katlanabilir Silikon Vigo

New Flexy Universal Collapsible Silicone Vigo

Diffuser (Vigo) is one of the nozzles used at the end of hair dryers / blow dryers. It dries your hair without direct exposure to heat. It helps the hot air to reach the whole hair, not a certain area. By slowing the air flow, it makes the curls look natural-looking and shiny without spoiling. You can use the diffuser, which is indispensable for curly hair, not only for curls, but also to add volume to wavy hair and to accentuate its natural wave.

Foldable Practical Portable Diffuser, compatible with many hair dryers and blow dryers! Each device can find its own diffuser, as well as universal diffusers compatible with many devices. VentosoFlexy Diffuser adapts to many hair dryers / blow dryers with its silicone flexible structure. Thanks to its foldable feature, it occupies less space and provides the advantage of use in travels.

Opinions of Expert Hairdressers

Mahmut Ebil / Ebil Hairdresser

I've always been fascinated by the layouts on airplanes and the functional materials they fit into small volumes. How big functions in tiny square meters make our lives easier. We both need and have no place. When I saw the VentosoFlexy Collapsible Universal Silicone Diffuser, I loved it. Perfect for both us hairdressers and women who need it. When we go to shoot the bride's hair or in our services outside, this apparatus, which occupies a large volume, has become smaller but more functional. We will no longer have compatibility problems when changing the blow dryer. It is very good that our customers adapt to all the blow dryers in their homes and do not take up space in their luggage. Simply an amazing product. Thank you Ventos.

Dogan Kopal / MM Bahçecik Hairdresser

With VentosoFlexy Foldable Silicone Diffuser, it is very easy to achieve natural-looking, shiny, permanent curls. With its foldable feature, it is a very practical drying apparatus that our customers can carry with them. Thanks to this apparatus, we can shape wavy hair very easily. It is very easy to use. We can attach it to the ends of Ventoso blow dryer series and provide an easy drying. The most important feature of this apparatus is that you do not need to intervene with your hands when you start drying your hair. The apparatus allows your hair to dry with a more natural appearance. Easy to use is a big advantage. It is very important that customers can use it comfortably on their own.

İsmet Özdemir / Yıldırım Özdemir Baby

It was great to meet the new VentosoFlexy Universal Foldable Silicone Diffuser. It is both aesthetically pleasing and usable. Customers can easily put them in their suitcases. Most diffusers were breaking teeth. In the flexdiffuser this has disappeared. When we put on the blow dryer, the blowing distribution is very good. This is the most important part, because even when we use it in balayage, it transfers the heat to the hair very well. We can say that it speeds up our work. In general, we used to buy materials from abroad, now we can find products here as well. This is one of the most important aspects. We don't need to go abroad. Thank you Ventoso.

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